A little love from Dubai, London, Toronto

Wow. So I have spent two days thinking of how to introduce myself to the world, thanks to WordPress for making me feel my first blog should ideally be all about me. You see, its quite difficult to summarize 19 years in one post. I feel, every year, we as humans tend to change according to our experiences, so its almost impossible to tell you all about who I am exactly in one go. There is only one thing you need to know about me, that is; why I want to connect with you. I have a passion to travel, explore, enhance health, skincare, and lifestyle with time. So, from the subject of love, to the beauty of our skin, to the city of London, lets dive into this journey together.

I have been born and raised in Dubai, spent a couple in London, and have finally chosen to settle down in Toronto. Migrating to different cities has made me realize one thing – how much we are capable of adapting to change. Currently, I am loving living up North, we love our coffee and take it very seriously if it is not perfect.

I  have kept today very short, but it only gets bigger and better from here, I promise.

Lots of Love,

S xoxo